Next to Continente Hypermarket entrance, it has at its disposal the main post office services.

ATM Machines

In all Forum Coimbra’s floors you can find ATMs at your disposal.

Customer Service

You can get here all kinds of information about shops, services, opening hours and public transport to Forum Coimbra, application forms to work with us and identification bracelets for the children.

Gift Card

The Gift Card can be acquired at the Information Desk and gives you all the freedom to make you shopping. See here the General Use Conditions.

First Aid

In the event of minor accidents in Forum Coimbra, we have a room for First aid that will be able to provide all necessary support.

Disabled Facilities

You can visit Forum Coimbra without mobility problems, use our special equipment for disabled people, available at the Information Desk on Level 0.


For a calmer and more pleasant visit to Forum Coimbra for both you and your baby, ask for one of the pushchairs at the Information Desk on the ground floor.

Baby Meal Chairs

Do your children want to sit at the table with you, but their feet don’t reach the ground? Don´t worry. At Forum Coimbra, the food court is equipped with chairs at the right height.

Baby Changing Room

On each floor of Forum Coimbra you´ll find an area especially designed for you to comfortably change your baby´s nappy, breastfeed or simply feed him with all the comfort required.

Family Toilets

To feel good about your children whenever you need to go with them to use a bathroom of the bathrooms family (Floors 0, 1 and 2).

Sitting Areas

Over the several floors of the Forum Coimbra find several places where you can relax.

Wi-Fi System

Do you need to access the Internet and don´t know how to do it instantly? At Forum Coimbra we adopted Wi-Fi data transfer technology, so that you can get online easily and safely, whenever you want.

Help Point

Near of all entries of Forum Coimbra you’ll find a Help Point, if you need of support touch on the bottom. Is someone allways available to help.

Parking of Hybrid Vehicles

If you have a Hybrid vehicle park in a reserved seat in Car Parks Forum Coimbra.

Watt Drive

If you have an electric vehicle, Forum Coimbra provides a loading point, located on Level 2, park outside and on Level -1, next to Eco Car Wash.

Shop Guide

In each floor of Forum Coimbra, may be guided by our digital directories to find your favorite Shops or Services. You can also apply for the job exchange or send us your suggestions.

Other Services

Identification bracelets: We know that parents need to feel safe when they bring their children to shopping. Thinking of them Forum Coimbra created identification bracelets.

Job Search

If you would like to work with us or a Forum Coimbra ‘ Shop, fill in your details in the Employment Market of Multi.


It is located on the outside and offers a variety of entertainment for children from 3 to 12 years.

Cars for Children

For comfort and happiness of children from 1 to 7 years, rent a fun and practical cart for children and let the little ones feel like the big boys.

Temporarily Unavailable


Access the internet through tablets and use or charge conveniently your computer.

Temporarily Unavailable